Daily Scramble Live


“Daily Scramble Live” is the flagship morning show hosted by entertainer/ musician Jason Feddy and KX 93.5 founder Tyler Russell, broadcast live from Laguna Beach, CA.

Listen on weekdays from 7-10am or to the Podcast to start your day with fresh alt rock, local news, games, and intelligently ridiculous banter. And every day at 9am, a live band will be featured in studio! This is not your typical radio morning show with airhorns and a laugh track … but Jason does like the occasional poo joke.

Highlights include Jason Sings the Police Blotter, Waldman’s Wardrobe of Rare Tracks, and “Not Dead Yet!”

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A couple from Dana Point, just down the road from our station, Alex and Chase are “Iris and The Shade”. Writing songs together and playing locally, they were recently discovered by songwriter/producer/performer and KX93.5 host Matt Costa, who has been recording the guys for an upcoming record. 2 songs live here and a track produced […]